Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Great Article

I intend to take the balance of the year (two plus weeks) off from this column. In the meantime the link below is to a very good article written by a colleague, Julie Friend. I would encourage everyone to read this piece that shows how data loss and identity theft can have far reaching effects on individuals and businesses alike.

Someone recently told me that the release of those emails proved that the case for climate change was overstated. This individual was showing his ignorance of the realities of global weather changes. Similarly, I see a number of people who should know better who think that those of us who write and work in the field of data protection are overstating the case. I guarantee that not one single victim or breached business would agree with that. Ms. Friend and I along with many others have seen too many cases of devastating loss, arrest, character assassination, and records corruption to think for a moment that this is an overstated issue. If anything we have not reached enough people.

Originally published in Voluntary Benefits magazine Ms. Friend has graciously allowed me to provide this link for you.