Friday, December 19, 2008

Ask Yourself

I'll leave you with a question over the weekend. Can you guarantee that when your personal information is stolen and sold on any one of thousands of markets that thieves will be nice enough to only use it to open new credit accounts?

Our lives are literally controlled by two numbers, our Social Security number and our Drivers License number. When those two numbers are used by identity thieves records kept on you in any number of thousands of databases are corrupted. Once corrupted they are nearly impossible to correct, if you can find out which ones need correcting. Public records are then attached to your NCIC and credit reports driving down your FICO score. There goes your chance to get a raise, find a new job, get a loan, rent an apartment, and hundreds of other things that rely on your credit score and a clean record to determine your worthiness.

In the above scenario did anyone attempt to open a new credit account? Ladies and gentlemen, this is Identity Theft. Will a credit monitoring or credit freeze and alert service help you?

Unless something pressing happens in the next week I'm taking a few days off.

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