Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What do I do?

After writing this column for over a year it seemed a good idea to share exactly what it is that I do in the field of identity theft. Over the next few posts I hope to lay out what it is that makes our suite of products and services uniquely better suited to deal with identity theft. And then how I fit into it.

The company that I represent is Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc.. A Couple of years after being victimized by identity theft in 2000 I found this company. When I saw what they offer to customers I realized right away that they had the best answer to identity theft.
There are a lot of products flooding the market that say they can, “stop identity theft in it’s tracks”, or “track down the perpetrator”, “prevent the crime from happening”, “insure your losses”, and all sorts of claims. The truth is all of them are simply selling you a product. The good news is that most all of them have at least some merit, and a few are very good. I am not going to comment on the claims you see in their ads, nor will I go into any kind of comparison here, I’ll leave that up to you.

What I want to accomplish in the next few posts is to explain how the products and services of Pre-Paid can be the most elegant, solution-oriented products that take in to account the company that might have data to protect, the employees of that company, the clients or customers of that company and the other businesses that do business with that company. And also the future of identity theft no matter what direction it takes.

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