Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No State Secrets Lost This Time, Just (maybe) Yours!

The FBI is investigating the loss of a computer hard drive from the National Archives record center, reports the New York Times. The drive contains a terabyte of data, including the personal information of individuals affiliated with the Clinton presidency. A National Archives statement said the drive houses "an as-yet unknown amount of personally identifiable information of White House staff and visitors." Social Security numbers, home addresses and security procedures, but no classified information, are believed to be on the drive. Authorities confirmed the breach in April. Analysts are still reviewing the drive's content.

No system or method of safekeeping of yours and my information will ever be completly fraud proof, nor will your information, which resides in everything from your elementary school records, your dentists' office, military records, to your County recorders' office, so on and so on, be safe from thieves. The opportunity for theft is too vast, and methods of theft too varied for any combinations of methodology to be effective.

This column is maintained to provide some insight for businesses and other enterprizes which maintain personal information. The fact of the matter is that unless we as individuals engage our own identity theft service we are at the mercy of data thieves and imperfect systems everywhere.

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