Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Needs High Tech Information Security Measures?

Whenever I see articles about the latest high tech "solution" for data loss I can't help but to think about the vast number of data breaches that result from situations such as the one below.
Just as there is no one form of data theft there is no one type of solution.

Medical records, including names, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and cancelled checks were found in a dumpster behind a Salt Lake City shoe distribution center last week, reports KUTV News. At least some of about 20 boxes that Salt Lake City police confiscated appear to have come from a now-closed chiropractic office. KUTV reports that surveillance footage showing two people unloading materials into the dumpster exists. Disposing of medical records in this way is a violation of state law, according to the Utah Attorney General's office, and could lead to a $2,500 fine per patient record.
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Train your staff, train your staff, train your staff. This kind of an incident happens too often due to a lack of understanding of the law and simple common sense in protecting records from falling into the wrong hands.

Most ID theft that results from breaches of information at companies occurs when an employee walks out with the data with the intention of selling it, not to open credit card accounts. While the thief may be caught the data is long gone with other parties. Once the information is sold it can proliferate in a matter of days across the world.

A lack of understanding of the value of employee personal information as well as customer information has led to more identity theft incidents than any other cause.

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