Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Government Employees' Names, SSNs Exposed


U.S. Commerce Department employees have been notified that their sensitive personal information was exposed last month, reports the Washington Post. The names and Social Security numbers of 27,000 were on an Excel spreadsheet that a National Finance Center employee sent to a co-worker via unencrypted e-mail, the report states. The department is making arrangements to track for identity theft resulting from the breach and is urging employees to monitor their credit reports.

I repeat, your information is out there and used, or misused each and every day of the week.
No one can prevent accidents or mistakes from happening, just as you cannot prevent intentional acts of data theft. If you have a comprehensive ID theft early warning and restoration service working for you, you can be assured that no matter how your personal information gets in the hands of the wrong people that they cannot ruin your life. The damage is very limited and correctable.

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