Monday, March 23, 2009

A New Link

I am proud to add a new link to this blog site. John Gardner has been a professional friend and consultant for several years. John, or perhaps his wife and partner Elizabeth once coined a phrase. "It's hard being right.....early" When in 2005 they predicted against all odds (and some ridicule), that medical identity theft was going to be a major problem. Less than 3 years later medical identity theft has indeed become a very serious problem with millions of far.

John co-authored a very comprehensive new book on identity theft from both the perspectives of individuals and business owners. Titled "If You Are Me Then Who Am I? the personal and business reality of identity theft." This book goes much further into the subject of identity theft and data loss than any previous book available to the public.
Additionally, John has begun his own website and commentary. For his opinions and positions please go to his site listed in my links.

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